Switch Out!

"Switch Out!" for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is a puzzle game that will test your concentration, coordination, spatial location, and reflexes, based on the game "Mission: SPACE RACE" from Epcot's attraction "Mission: SPACE" in Walt Disney World.

The objective of the game is to get as many points by solving the most exercises as possible, by changing all the switches from a panel to its correct state, within a time limit. The screen is divided into two panels. The right panel contains the switches that must be fixed, and the left pane contains the buttons that allow the player to change the states of the switches. The position of a switch on the right panel corresponds to the same position of the button in the left panel that controls it. Thus the button in the lower left corner of the left panel controls the switch on the lower left corner of the right panel.

Each exercise will have a certain number of switches in the incorrect state, shown in red color. The player must press the button that controls the switch as many times as necessary until it turns green, indicating that the switch is in the correct state. Once all the switches in the right panel are green, the player must press the "Ready!" button to complete the exercise, and continue to the next. Each of the exercises will have its own time limit. The exercise will be considered as incorrect if the player has not fixed all the switches, and has not pressed the "Ready!" button at the end of its time limit, or if the button "Ready!" is pressed and any of the switches is in the wrong state.

Each exercise will give the player a certain amount of points. The points depends on tepoints of total number of states that the incorrect switches have, and the total number of changes of states the player has made to the switches. Beware! Some exercises will have buttons that do not control any switches. These buttons will deduct a point from the exercise's total points that the player can get if they are pressed. Over time, the exercises will become more difficult, increasing the amount of switches and the total states of the switches, but also increasing the amount of points the player can get. After the third consecutive correct answer, the points will be multiplied by 2. The multiplier will continue to increment by one, for each correct answer, until the multiplier reaches 10. If the excercise has been answered incorrectly, the score will be substracted by 1. The rule of the multiplier applies also for the incorrect answers.

The following options can be selected at the beginning of each game:

Upon completion of the time limit, the game will display a scoreboard, showing the total exercises solved, maximum points obtained in an excercise, total correct and incorrect answers, maximum consecutive correct and incorrect answers, and total points received by the player. The player can track the results with a high score board.

"Switch Out!" is available at the Apple's App Store, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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