Color Out!

"Color Out!" for iPhone, iPad, & iPod is a fast-paced action game with classic gameplay elements from arcade games of the 80's!

The player controls Vitor who starts each round at the "Change" button, and moves by hopping from one button to another. Landing on a button changes its color in sequence. After changing every button to the destination color, Vitor must return to the "Change" button to progress to the next round. The objective is to get a high score at the end of the game.

During the game, some bullies will try to make gameplay more difficult:

If Vitor is hit by Bongo, Tito, Wambo or Zup, he'll immediatly return to the "Change" button, and points will be subtracted from the score if the buttons doesn't have the destination color. Mimi won't stop changing colors until she's kicked out of the game by moving Vitor to the button where she stands.

Get ready for a challenging game that's easy to play, difficult to master!

"Color Out!" is available at the Apple's App Store, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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