Lotto Out!

Play the Traditional Mexican Lottery with your friends and family, just like in the popular fairs and carnivals! A game for two or more players that features a "Barker" with more than 150 different phrases.

The device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) of one player can be used as the "Barker". The other players use their devices as Traditional Mexican Lottery sheets. Not all your friends have a device for themselves, or do not have installed "Lotto Out!"? No problem! The game allows you to use printed Traditional Mexican Lottery sheets to play. You don't like the voice or the phrases of the "Barker"? No problem! A player can be the "Barker" using printed illustrations, and the other players can use their device as a Traditional Mexican Lottery sheet, or use printed sheets.

Includes a card builder, wich allows you to create up to two Mexican Traditional Lottery sheets with your favorite illustrations, to use during the game.

"Lotto Out!" is available in the App Store de Apple, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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