Math Out!

"Math Out!" for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch helps you get your daily mental excercise by solving simple arithmetic problems, in a fun and competitive way. It's designed for children, to practice what they have learned in school, but also for grown-ups, to stimulate their brain cells and avoid mental decline. The App is also a great classroom companion!

The App is divided into the following sections:

Each section is divided into four arithmetic operators (addition, substraction, multiplication, and division), with three difficulty levels. The first level consists in basic arithmetic problems, and they can be solved with fast thinking. The second level has more difficult problems than the first, but easier than the third level. Most of the third level problems requires pencil and paper to solve them. Each problem is generated at random.

The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible from answering the problems correctly within a time limit. Points based on the difficulty level and the total amount of digits involved in the problem, will be awarded to the player if it's answered correctly. After the third consecutive correct answer, the points will be multiplied by 2. The multiplier will continue to increment by one, for each correct answer, until the multiplier reaches 10. If the problem has been answered incorrectly, the score will be substracted by 1. The rule of the multiplier also is used for the incorrect answers. Each and every problem will have it's own time limit. If the player does not answer the problem before the time limit expires, it will be considered as an incorrect answer.

Before the begining of each section, the following options can be selected:

After the time limit has been reached, the player will receive a results page, showing the maximum level acquired, the total number problems, total correct and incorrect answers, the maximum consecutive correct and incorrect answers, and total points awarded to the player. The player can track his/her results with the high score board.

"Math Out!" is available at the Apple's App Store, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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